Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to solve worry problems? by Willis H. Career

How to solve worry problems? by Willis H. Career

In order to free from any type of worry and tension from life's any situation, follow these tips/formulas/techniques to defeat it.

1. Ask yourself, "What is the worst that can possibly happen in current situation?" means whatever the situations you are in, just prepare yourself for the result and think what is the maximum risk involved and what is the maximum loss that can happen if you cannot do anything to come out of the problem? e.g. Imagine yourself in a financial crisis and think about how that crisis will affect, If it affect not so much, then what is the need to worry. If it is going to affect much then go next steps.

2. Prepare to accept it if it situation is not in your control or you have to accept it by any means.
Now be ready to accept the loss to you by financial crisis you are in and proceed to next step.

3. Now proceed to improve on the worst and try to find the solution 
Now you have accepted what you are going to lose by accepting your worry problem, it is time to look into the matter and find the solution within it. Look for the other options. Look for the alternative money making ways, options and improve your working habits. This is the time when you can improve yourself much more than ever because you want result. If this situation not appeared in front of you, you never tried to improve your working habits. Have a patience and certainly you will find the solution after sometime.

Now, Also cultivate good habits so that one can get high rate of output for what you do. Also find some means by which you can motivate yourself.

Imagine the reverse situation and you have not accepted that you are going to affect by this financial crisis, you just sat and cursing other/yourself for this situation instead of accepting and finding your faults. By accepting it you face new challenges and learn new things. So do not worry and live long life.

This technique is equally applicable to all type of worry problems like student failure, business failure, relationship failure, just you need to accept the situation and try to improve it instead of cursing others and yourself too. 

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